Thursday, October 06, 2005



71 Jonathan sings "Always and forever" to his parents

70 George & Carol Henry with Toni Laman

69 George and Carol listen attentively to one of the many tributes they received

68 Carol with Roz Vereen

67 Carol and Phyllis Hirshauer

66 L-R Kevin Fleming (Carol's nephew), Rita Banton (Carol's mom), Bill and Vinette Bishop (Carol's sister and her husband).

64 Ron Forbes leaving the buffet

63 Carol's nephew, Bryan Henry and friends

62 Rita Banton, Vinette Bishop and Angela Williams

61 Phyllis and Karl Hirshauer talking with Joel Henry

60 Carol greets her sister-in-law, Thora Henry

59 The whole thing was a SURPRISE!!!

58 L to R: Rita Banton, Darren Kennedy (Carol's nephew), Kevin Fleming, Grace Kennedy (Carol's Sister), Paulette Banton (Carol's sister), and Bryan Henry

57 Toni Laman, Jonathan Henry and others wait to greet the happy couple

56 Stan doing his DJ duties

55 Counterclockwise from the bottom: Pansy Simpson, Pat Marquardt, Ken Marquardt, Sal Cimino, Mrs. Cimino, Jonathan Henry, Tammy Fattoross, Ben and Ileana Sottile

54 Chisina Jarvis (George's cousin), Chisina's daughter, Gloria Roberts, and Gloria's daughter

53 The Epps Family

52 Larry and Angela Williams, Sal Cimino

51 Carol's sisters: Cherry Henry, Grace Kennedy, and Paulette Banton

50 Back (Phyllis and Karl Hirshauer, Lisa and Greg Danz, Marilyn Christie), Front (Paulette and Kevin)

48 The Casamassa Family in line-Christine, Jessica and Kyle, Vic

47 The Fairweathers, Gil and Dorothy, flew in from Atlanta

46 Lisa and Greg Danz, Karl Hirshauer

45 Ron Forbes, Bob and Gail Iaccabucci

44 Roz Vereen and Sal Cimino

43 Front: Shirley Mills, Debbie Harris, Karen Harrison; Back: Ben Sottile, Frank and Marilyn Christie

42 Jonathan's Friends: Pinkesh Bharatia, Pinkesh's fiance, Harsha and Amit Shah

41 Jesse Johnson

40 Carol's nephews: Chris Kennedy, Kevin Fleming, and Darren Kennedy

39 Carol's friends, Gene Dohman with Grace and Cherry

38 Pat and Ken Marquardt, Ben Sottile

37 Ben and Ileana Sottile, Joanne Cimino

36 Willie and Caledonia Stevens

35 Gloria Roberts, Barbara Thompson and Reggie Moore

34 Jim Haughty

32 Gilbert and Dorothy Fairweather, Vivienne and Ron Forbes

31 Dorothy, Vivienne and Ron

30 Toni and Glen Laman came from Atlanta for the party

29 Jesse and Roz Vereen, Laughing in the backround are: Cherry Henry and Jean Marie DeVeaux

28 Jonathan Henry and Paulette Banton

26 Ben Sottile at the front of the line

25 Vivienne and Ron Forbes with Toni Laman

24 Glen Laman with Vivienne and Ron Forbes

23 Sarah Williams and Kayla Epps

22 Angela Williams and Sal Fattoross

21 Sarah Hewitt

20 Pat and Ken Marquardt, Pansy Simpson